How does it work
How does it work

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Theory of Combustion
What is Combusto?
Combusto, the new KING of Global green energy by molecular science and has the potential to add 30% more to the Global known fossil fuel reserves. Combusto works on the concept of deionization of electrically charged particle formed by gaining or losing electrons in a solution. Combusto gives more kilometres to every litre, for all diesel and gasoline internal combustion engines, respectively. Combusto reduces GHG emission, substantially by enhancing a total combustion technology with higher efficiency. As fossil fuel is exhaustible and Combusto can help to consume less fuel, until economical alternative energy is found.

It eliminates smog-forming pollutants in all diesel internal combustion engine exhaust. Combusto is compatible with all kinds of internal combustion engines fuel by gasoline, diesel or biofuel, including fuel from biomass.

Green Combusto availability is inexhaustible on Earth and eco-friendly.

Introduction – Theory of Combustion
  1. Complete combustion
    In complete combustion, the reactant will burn in oxygen, producing a limited amount of products. When a hydrocarbon burns in oxygen, the reaction will only yield carbon dioxide and water. When elements such as carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, and iron are burned, they will yield the most common oxides. Carbon will yield carbon dioxide. Nitrogen will yield nitrogen dioxide. Sulfur will yield sulfur dioxide. Iron will yield iron (III) oxide. Complete combustion is generally impossible to achieve unless the reaction occurs in a lab environment where all the conditions are being controlled.

  2. Incomplete combustion
    In incomplete combustion, where sufficient oxygen for complete combustion is lacking, the reactant will burn in oxygen, but will produce numerous products. When a hydrocarbon burns in oxygen, the reaction will yield carbon dioxide, water, carbon monoxide, and various other compounds such as nitrogen oxides. Incomplete combustion is much more common and will produce large amounts of byproducts, and in the case of burning fuel in automobiles, these byproducts can be quite lethal and damaging to the environment.

    WITH COMBUSTO, it will enhance complete combustion and resulting in generating lesser GHG emission and much more kilometres to a litre.

    The % of extra kilometres gain to a litre, will depend on other variable factors also. As the fuel molecules are broken into smaller fragmentation (“Binary Fission”) of molecular size for efficient combustion.

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