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  • Save fuel consumption possibly by 10-30% at constant speed, for well maintained vehicles.
  • Reduce pollution from lesser green house gas emission.
  • Increase power and torque with better throttle response from the engine.
  • Maintain a cleaner engine by efficient burning and lesser exhaust emission.
  • Better Ignition and quick start.
  • Make the engine run smoother and feel the difference.
  • Can be used for both Gasoline and Diesel Engines.
  • Reduce fuel and maintenance cost.
  • Value added after using Combusto:
    • Reduce fuel cost
    • Reduce air pollution
    • Reduce maintenance cost

Usage Amount of Combusto Gasoline Diesel
Usage Amount of Combusto Gasoline Diesel
8 - 10 ml. 80-100 litres 160 Liters
15 - 18 ml. 144-200 litres 240 litres
25 ml. (1 bottle) 240 litres 400 litres
Table 1: Ratio of Combusto usage to tank capacity.

Who will benefit from Combusto?
  • Aerospace
  • Airport services
  • Automotive
  • Logistic and trucking companies
  • Transportation companies
  • Public bus companies
  • Marine industry
  • Engineering industry
  • Shipping industry
  • Trains
  • Power plants
  • Generators
  • Ports operations
  • Taxis
  • Fleet owners

Combusto trial and tests
›› Click to view fuel savings, black smoke, power & acceleration tests (File size: 630kb)
›› Click to view test method for trucks (File size: 200kb)
›› Click to view Combusto field test results (File size: 264kb)